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C&C Magnet, LLC, Advertising  Direct Mail, Becker, MN


C&C Magnet,LLC is a marketing company here to help your business grow. Our advertising is an exclusive and inexpensive way to reach your customer on a daily basis. If you want your company to be reached by your local marketing areas this is the right offer for you.

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This is a way for you to gain an edge over your competitor. We are different from other advertisements because we provide daily exposure to multiple viewers for just pennies per home.

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Increase your sales

At C&C Magnet we want your business to be successful. We offer an exclusive two year program so that your advertising budget can go further. Proved by a leading research company, New England Consultants, Inc, 94.2% of the magnets go on the refrigerator. On average, American's open their refrigerator 22 times a day. Don't you want your business to be seen daily?

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There's a number of different reasons why this advertising is right for you. By promoting your business on the magnet you will get:

- Your name in your community

- Daily visibility

- Inexpensive advertisement per home

- Long term sustainability

- High exposure to target audience

- Exclusive to your field of business


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