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C&C Magnet, LLC, Advertising  Direct Mail, Becker, MN


About us

Founded in 2007, we are headquartered in Becker, Minnesota. We currently operate throughout the midwest and are constantly expanding our advertising areas.


We complete our magnets start to finish. First our salespeople get into the market area and fill up the magnet, next our art department designs the magnet and creates the ads. Then we gather useful town information to be used on the magnet. We send you a proof of your ad and allow time for you to make necessary changes. Next the magnet is off to the printers, which is printed local in St. Cloud, MN. Once the magnets are completed we ship them from our office as soon as possible. We'll send you USPS confirmation of shipping along with extra magnets.

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We also work closely with R B Advance Sales. We assist them with the layout and designs of their magnets and ship them once they are completed.

Carlo Ramsey - Owner/Sales carlo ramsey Cory Ramsey - Sales Manager cory ramsey
Chad Ramsey - Sales chad ramsey Kelly Shellito - Sales kelly palmer
Manny Shellito - Sales Manny Picture Nick T. - Sales Nick
Ron B. - Sales Ron Isaac O. - Sales Isaac
Angela A. - Sales Angela Alfonso Allen P. - Sales coming soon
Trent S. - Sales coming soon    

Office Team

Samantha Garvey - Office Manager

Samantha Garvey

Alicia Palmer - Graphic Design/ Website

Alicia Hanson

Justin Palmer- Customer Relations

Justin Palmer

Rochelle Ramsey - Proof-reader

Rochelle Kilts

Sammy Erickson - Office Assistant

Samantha Erickson    



Are you a self-motivated worker? Would you like to travel throughout the Midwest? C&C Magnet is always looking for new salespeople to join the team. No sales experience required, training available. Must have reliable transportation.

For more information please call Cory or Samantha at (763) 261-9206.


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